In Bahasa, RasaSusy literally mean Susy’s taste and Susy is my mum! Everyone knows her for her amazing cooking and baking skills. Objectively speaking, she can cook and bake anything that comes to mind but her speciality will always be Indonesian-Chinese flavours. She’s indo-chinese afterall and has fed the family with great food since forever. haha! She started baking Chinese New Year cookies and mooncakes for family and friends then the power of word-of-mouth spread and she started selling on the side to meet with customer’s demands. On the cooking side, mum was initially cooking Indonesian dishes to religious establishments as charity offering and they liked the taste so much that they have call in RasaSusy for events.

Over the decade, i’ve seen her passion grow into a established business and in recent years, the family has roped in to help. My contribution was to create the company’s corporate identity and be a food stylist so artwork and imagery is done by me. I will be uploading old and present works i’ve done for RasaSusy periodically but for now, here’s a list of my favourite food from RasaSusy. Also food that I grew up eating. Yums.