With more free time on hand in France, I am on a personal goal to backdate my travel posts! So, slightly more than a year ago, I was sent to Boston for work.  I remember those few weeks having a tight schedule packed with back-to-back meetings and trainings and having traveled for more than 24 hours on a flight from Singapore, I was pushing myself to get through the first week with jetlag but since it was my virgin trip to the states, of course I had to explore! To eat what and where the locals eat, explore the must-sees and basically soak into the American culture. The only goal in my mind was to work hard and play hard.

My company was an American international tech firm and I was lucky enough to meet people from all over the world, Americans obviously, Australians, Germany and Irish. Everyone I met were ambitious, driven and absolutely smart but what made it sweeter was that all my colleagues were friendly. Totally high on good vibes : )

What made the trip perfect was also winter weather! It was probably 5 degrees or less if I remember correctly. The streets were covered in white snow and it was a delight just sitting by the hotel window overlooking the fields across.

Top things to do in Boston! 

  • Freedom Trail is 2.5 mile route with historic sites, churches, museums & burial ground.
  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace is basically a indoor shopping centre with shops & restaurants with 3 historic market buildings & a promenade. Here was where I had a seriously good Boston lobster roll. Expensive but really good!

    New England Aquarium, a giant glass tank spiralled by a multilevel walkway is the main draw at this waterfront attraction. I was there with a few international colleagues and in my honest opinion it’s not worth the bucks. The aquarium was not well-maintained, it was overcrowded and the penguins were really look malnutrition.

  • Boston Harbor is a natural habor and estuary of Massachusetts Bay and is located adjacent to the city of Boston. It is also home to the Port of Boston, a major shipping facility. It is well located and it was lovely walking along the harbor with the cool breeze.
Thoughts on Boston
Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. Founded in 1630, it’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S. The key role it played in the American Revolution is highlighted on the Freedom Trail. Because of it’s location along the coastline, seafood was aplenty and of course the lobster roll was yummy thats why it’s often named Boston Lobster. Will I revisit Boston? Yes but also to explore new grounds nearby primarily Portland, Connecticut & New York.