You know the french girl, the one who is slim and chic, the one who has the ‘je ne sais quoi’ and the same one who looks altogether perfect. How do they stay so slim even after eating so much bread and french pastries? wait… not only eating bread and pastries but also cheese, decadent desserts and wine.

There’s my observations:

The French eat high quality food and they often stay away from processed foods. They also eat a variety of foods and do not eat the same old meals over and over again. They eat in seasons so whatever they consume is at its freshest. The french eat a bit of everything and they are good with their portions, eating everything but really in moderation.

The French eat timely with 3 meals in a day. Something sweet for Breakfast, a light meal for lunch and a heavier meal for dinner and very often sealing each meal with something sweet of course. It could be ice cream, cake, or as simple as a yoghurt. They often do not watch TV while eating, or read at the table while eating and meal times are spent with families and/or friends savouring the food and having conversations. They really stick to 3 meals a day and hardly snack in between meal times too. Okay, maybe a fruit or a cup of coffee but rarely chips or something sinful.

French people cook and they love food. They often talk about the best restaurants, the best charcuterie, boulangerie, fromagerie, how often they go and about what food they will make. You also see people going to the farmers market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and meats every few days and in small quantities so they can shop again a few days after.

Walking is part of the French culture. Despite owning a car, they often walk to the city centre, to work, to do errands, to the markets, to the boulangerie, generally walking anywhere they can rather than driving. Or if driving is not an option, they will opt to cycle or take the metro/trams.

To sum it up, the french are thin because of their culture and lifestyle. They eat quality foods which are in seasons and made with fresh ingredients. They also eat a little bit of everything with a variety of vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood. They also limit their soda intake and stick to water, wine with meals and coffee!

I’ve only been living in France for a few months and i’m no expert but these are just my observations and opinions of France and the French people : )